Meet the Founder

Michele MacDonald lives in a tight-knit community in gorgeous Northwest Arkansas with her husband and three teenage daughters. Michele has always had a passion for travel, going back to family roots in the Philippines, where she would visit her mother’s relatives. Michele’s father had a job that required a lot of travel, and she would join him on adventures to Bermuda, Hawaii and other destinations in the Caribbean. Those experiences gave her a thirst for adventure from a very young age.

Michele spent many years planning trips for her friends and family on the side, just for fun. After an unforgettable experience on a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where Michele and her girlfriends became stranded in a hurricane and were extracted from the country in a secret rescue mission, her reputation as a travel guru with connections and a talent for planning spread. Soon after, The Core Traveler was born.

Ever since then, Michele has worked with clients across North America to design itineraries that have brought them to far-off places all around the globe.  

“My favorite part of the process is speaking to my clients upon returning home from their travels. It helps me understand and learn more about their personal preferences so we can match the experiences for their future trips.  It’s the small details that make an impact when time is such an important investment.

Another favorite is seeing my clients share their favorite photos from their trips and all that research and planning pays off, or when they call me to ask for a tiny extension on their return flights because they are having such a wonderful time.”  – Michele McDonald

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started. Contact Michele at or by calling 479.366.8210 to tell her what your travel dreams are.